Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 2010 update

Exotic longhair and short hair kittens and young adults available for breeding or pets. All CCA registered.
Also available, young adults, spayed and neutered.
Prefer you contact me by phone at 416 429 5946, I will get back to you right away.

Call me if you are interested,

this is Evangeline, she is on hold for placement

this is Ethan, blue and white male, and is available

Emilio is an exotic black, smoke and white longhair male and available

This is Elvira, a female black smoke, and is available

and here is Elvira again

Evangeline is blue cream van, female (tentatively on hold)

Mother and her five babies

This is Casino Claire! Blue cream female, available for breeding or pet

Dove is a young adult, blue cream and spayed, and is available

Nikita is spayed, black smoke and white female, young adult available

Enzo is black smoke and white short hair male, available

Darlene is blue short hair, available for breeding or pet, and has large eyes when she opens them!

Donny is a blue short hair male,, neuter and available

Bambi is short hair classic cream tabby, spayed and available

Ebonie Jolie is a black long hair female, available for breeding or pet

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