Sunday, July 21, 2013

Kiss has a boy!

Mommy Kiss (and daddy Mick) now have a male kitten

He's just 4 days old and is red and white, will post pics soon

So far, all Mick's offspring have been boys, dominate gene maybe?!


vzhang said...

Good evening,
My name is Vencia and I am interesting in your lovely kittens, but I can only take he/she home in early Sept. To be honest, exotics short hair kittens are my favourite. It's my dream to have such a family member.So after I see your ads, I decide to contact with you.
I am a student who living with my boyfriend, both of us love cat, and we promise we will treat the baby well. But I've never taken care of a kitten before so I have to know what should I do later and how much will it costs for a kitten. I have to be responsible for the lovely creature and myself.
Please let me know if there will be any kittens available in Sept and if you have any suggestions for us.
Thank you so much!

vzhang said...

By the way I really love orange&white exotic shorthair kitten. Hope I can hear from you soon