Monday, November 30, 2020

Kitten Care notes

When adopting a kitten, these notes are to help you prepare for their arrival and care.

These notes cover everything from what to feed them, how to groom them, what toys are safe, what kind of litter, eye care and many other things important to keeping your new kitten (or cat) safe, healthy and happy!

Kitten Care
Bringing them home:
Kitten proof your house! Block or remove things that they can get stuck under. Make sure they can’t climb onto something as they may get hurt if they hurt fall off. Also see the toxic plants list below.

Keep them in one room for the first couple of weeks preferably where you sleep.

They may cry at first leaving their brothers, sisters and mom. The stress may also result in loose stool. If that happens, use Forti-Flora (comes in pouches, available from vets). Sprinkle on wet food only, 2 times a day.

They will need lots of love and games.

Exotic Cats are indoor cats ONLY. Never let them outside, they are not street-smart and will likely be killed or stolen. Also, never declaw them.

Lots of them!! (none with feathers or string), shaky mice and little soft balls are good

Toy that has a scratching pad in the middle and a ball that rolls around the outside

Other toys with sticks and feathers (long ones) are good, but put them away after you play with them

I recommend OdorBeater Unscented (Petsmart). Start with a big open litter box. Eventually get a covered one if you choose, but remove front flap.

Scoop regularly to keep it clean, a dirty litter box could result in a dirty kitten!

Occasionally you may have to wash their backsides if anything gets stuck.

Comb every day so they get used to it
it is a good idea to get them professionally groomed a couple of times a year. I know a wonderful place with two excellent groomers, Bonnie and Jill. They are an amazing team and keep my cats looking beautiful. You can reach them at Tails Up Grooming. Just say you have Heather Smith's kitten!

Eye Care:
Clean eyes carefully every day with a soft washcloth and warm water or eye safe 100% cotton pads you can get from the drug store for staining around the eyes.

Dry Food:
Use 3 bowls (do not mix);
 one with Mother&BabyCat, one with Kitten and one with Adult Persian. Leave out all day. Sprinkle with Forti-Flora (see below)

Wet Food:
Twice a day is recommended to feed a wet paté food to add to their water intake. I currently use Royal Canin Mother&BabyCat (not kitten) Paté or mousse.

If there is any problem with the food that causes diarrhea it's usually the protein source. If it's occasional diarrhea get some Forti Flora at your vet, no prescription required. Sprinkle a little on the dry food every day and mix it up. It's a probiotic that balances the flora.

Bowls should be very shallow and be big around since their faces are flatter and they can't eat or drink out of tall bowls. Have lots of water on hand and dry food available at all times.
Use stainless steel bowls to prevent skin problems.

IMPORTANT - Toxic Plants:
Cats are attracted to plants and flowers however many common ones are toxic.
All types of lilies (including the pollen) are HIGHLY toxic to cats and can cause a very painful death.
Please check the web or this list here to make sure you remove all toxic plants from your home:

Spaying and Neutering:
Males can be neutered at 6 months of age, females can be spayed at 8 months. If considering a chip implant, this is the idea time to do it. 2 weeks prior to surgery, kittens should have their rabies shots.
Find a good vet immediately, and give them the records. Make sure they are familiar with Exotic Cats.

Allergies/Landlord Disapproval: 
Summertime Cattery is not responsible for any allergies, nor any issues with landlord/tenant rules. Please look into both these issues BEFORE purchasing a cat or kitten.

Enjoy your babies!

Email or call me any time with questions or concerns,
Heather Smith ‭(416) 271-7397‬

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