Friday, November 30, 2018

Adopting an indoor cat

Deposits are non-refundable. All kittens available for adoption are sold as indoor cats only. They will need regular grooming and lots of TLC. 

For their safety, kittens cannot be viewed until after they are 8 weeks of age which is after their first vaccine. I will have pics and videos if you want to choose a baby before that time.

Please tell me about yourself and where you live when emailing me about a kitten. Thank you!


Mark Frass said...

Hello, how do we email you about the cats available for adoption? Thanks.....

Unknown said... Email is looking for a exotic shortcut baby male cats.

Faye Wang said...

My email is
im looking for a exotic short hair baby cats.

Farnaz Sheikh said...

My email is
I already have a persian cat. I am looking to have an exotic short hair kitten. May I know if you have any kitten available?

Ingrid said...

I am looking to adopt an exotic shorthair in the spring. I live in the downtown area. My email is

John Walker said...

My family and I are ready to adopt an exotic shorthair. We live in east York and are looking for a loving indoor cat to be a part of the family. My kids are loving the pictures of Bruno - not sure if he is still available. You can email me at Thanks!

susan said...

Is there an email address we can contact you?

susan said...

Is there an email address we can contact you?